Oh, greetings !
You have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet !
I'm Nekomy, but people are usually calling me Neko, it's really nice to meet you ! This is a place for me to take a breather from conventional social media and relax. I also practice coding on here ! Although this site is currently still under construction and my HTML skills aren't as great as I would like them to be... BUT I really hope my site still looks good... !

★ Updates ✩


The backgrounds have become lighter, and I have decorated all over the place.


I have a link button and a page with some really nice links !!


Added two pages ! My dream wardrobe and one about vocaloids !


Mhh finally my icon came back a heart and the name came back as before. I did a lot of cleaning and cleaned out a few details, replaced boring lists with pretty rectangles. I don't have any ideas for the to do list page yet, but it will come. I want to make myself a button too, I tried but it is very poorly done... Mhh, how to do ? I also changed a few things on my music page. I haven't announced it before, but there are new pages in the "Art" category. That's it ! Good night to you ! <3
Edit : I decorated my site with new fonts !!


Woohoo, it is raining !! I renamed my site to "Nekomy's rainy garden", and I changed the icon to a little sprout. It's almost five o'clock, good night everyone.


I moved my comment box to the right of the site, everyone will see it and it will not clutter the home page.


Now I have buttons and I did something funny on 404 page. Also, I changed the font, it is simpler, I hope it is readable !


Updated colors, art page and added a manga list ! I hope everyone is having a good day ! AND, I have a commentary box at my home page ! Feel free to leave me something.


Updated art page. Added some of my recent artworks !
Finally I replaced the backgrounds with solid colors.
I changed the white support display to write.
Now I try to look for a prettier font...


I did two drawings !


I did four drawings today !! You can find them in my gallery.


Updated top buttons, the menu and decorated home page. Have a good day dear whoever !


New drawing ! + Stamp box in my about me page and top buttons.


Added two new drawings in my gallery ! I also updated my Pikachu.


My new visual interface is done hh !


I added pretty backgrounds everywhere instead of solid colors.


Hello ! Now you can navigate through my gallery page with arrows !
This page will no longer take forever to load.
I also changed the interface of all the pages, now the text is on a white and readable background !
I cleaned all my pages a bit and added a lot of decorations !
I hope everyone had a good day today... ! ♡


I cleaned up all my pages, and my code.
It was a bit messy hh ! I added more of my drawings in my gallery page.
I also added a rectangle to the right of the page ! However, I'm not sure what to fill it with...
I just wanted the site to be symmetrical.


Hi ! Today I updated the menu.
I also added a page for my anime list, and I filled my drawings page with... My drawings.
I turned my anime list page yellow, and my to do list in green.
I hope everyone is having a good day !


I finally fixed my website !
After weeks, I finally find out a new layout for my whole website.
I hope it looks good... ! I'm effraid that I'm the only one finding it pretty hhh... I updated all my pages, and the menu.
And I added colors, like yellow and green. Because... Too much pink hh. I also changed the icon of the website, and the color font.
And the umbrella mouse is finally working !


Added an "about me" page, dividers and pink banners.
I feel lazy today...


Oh, hi there ! This is the beginning of the update log !
I have updated links and added some custom graphics.